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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

A one of the wisest men I know has said this quote to me many times in my life. This venture has been one of emotion, passion and effort to to pursue. I know how it feels to be unguided on a journey wading through alone, just as it can be with a diagnosis of kidney disease. When making changes in your lifestyle and diet to improve your health, you have to meet yourself where your at... asking, WHY am I doing this? WHAT is my motivation? For me, I like a challenge, figuring out solutions to problems, "beating" the system or people at their own game and most of all, helping others become better versions of themselves.

Being diagnosed with kidney disease is scary since we all know what the end result can be. This is why I am here to help guide you on the journey in the battlefield to become empowered with knowledge, provide you the tools to beat the system and be a better version of yourself. You must meet me in the middle, to employ the knowledge and tools that I provide for you to do this as well as having an open mind to try new things.

I have learned and continue to learn each day of how to guide you. I also believe that seeking out or finding those who support you is invaluable in any venture you do so that you know that your not alone. One of the most interesting things I've witnessed is seeing how the mindset of leaning towards a more plant-based diet is becoming the norm, not only with the general population but with health professionals for any type of medical condition. I feel we have been given a false representation of how much and what type of proteins we need to be healthy. Also, sodium is NOT your friend. If you're to take a step in one direction, start with reducing your intake of it. Remember, it is estimated that the human body really only needs very little of it (around 500mg/day) - far less the general recommendation of 2300mg/day and the actual intake of the Standard American Diet (SAD) of 3500mg/day - I also find the acronym to describe it darkly humorous, because it is indeed quite SAD that much of what we are told and sold can greatly affect our health.

Until next in peace & good health.

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