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Shannon Guthrie, RD, LDN

As a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years, with nearly 10 years experience in the renal (kidney) field, I have understanding of the unique needs for kidney patients.  It is my desire to provide the right tools and information to patients based on experience & evidence based practice.  I have been blessed to work along side some brilliant, eccentric & supportive Nephrologists.  Residing in Beaufort, NC, I enjoy exercising, cooking, reading & spending time with my family & spunky daughter Carly girl.

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                       Alexis Briley, MS, RD, LDN

I have been a Registered Dietitian for 15 years and in the kidney field for the last 8 years, where I found my passion for educating kidney patients improve their health. I am basing research in the pursuit of my PhD in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from Northern Illinois University on creating digitial media software focusing on phosphorus education in Chronic Kidney Disease patients with a goal to improve renal outcomes. I enjoy being with my family, skiing in the winter and spending time at the beach in the summer.

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